Content Creation - In Partnership with Tongal® & We Are Content®

Content is king, and in a world where the consumer is in control and there is an advertising overload, it is a key differentiator.

From ideation to creation and distribution, WDT provides video solutions with authentic content for every platform. Leveraging the power of our strategic partners and thousands of creatives worldwide, WDT can help you create the perfect video for your communication campaign; from Snapchat and YouTube to Facebook and TV.

Unleash the power of sound, sight and motion with WDT’s Content Creation offering.

Media Strategy

There are plenty of digital agencies in the meantime, and every traditional media agency in the market. But barely any partner that can truly integrate all your efforts and orchestrate correctly to maximize the result.

WDT has a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing, with full mastery in the world’s leading digital platforms and attribution models. But also, it has broad, direct experience with sales, promotions, BTL and offline media. Our team is ready to support your branding and performance campaigns holistically; leveraging the richness of digital, the impact of traditional media and the power of Point of Sale. Let us help you strategize, create and optimize your integrated campaigns.

Data & Insights

Our team has a passion for problem solving and analysis. We thrive in complicated environments and we love data! Give us your toughest problems and watch our team work around to discover key trends, anticipate threats and take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data - In Partnership with EPICA

We are Certified Partners of EPICA – Power of Prediction. Through EPICA, companies can apply Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to a vast array of business challenges, from demand planning to content personalization.

Does AI sound interesting to you? Contact us for a complete presentation and proposal.

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