People Consultancy

People are at the core of Digital Transformation. Often, organizations must recruit specialized talent from the outside. Also, they must train their human resources to have the necessary skills and resilience that the new environment demands. Last, but not least, they must ensure their leaders have the necessary knowledge and skills. In every single one of these cases, WDT has the necessary expertise and experience to help effectively.

Training & Development - Leadership, Team Building, Digital Marketing

WDT has a long history in providing a secure learning environment for C-levels and executives in leadership, team building and digital proficiency. Having successfully trained C-Levels and management teams across multiple verticals and regions, WDT’s Training & Development services will provide your team with the right level of knowledge required to understand today’s consumers, the potential of technology and help you take action on the key decisions that will drive your business forward.

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WDT’s seasoned executives have successfully coached leaders across the US, Europe and Latam. Our core areas include leadership skills, sales and marketing, team building, succession planning, career path and navigating ambiguity.

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Culture Assessment & Consulting

Culture is at the core of all activity in a business. And as such, it can be a catalyst that provides a welcome impulse to change, or a drag that blocks and delays progress. Yet it is sometimes difficult for those inside to see clearly where they are in this regard: is culture helping transform the organization or is it going the other way around? WDT’s experience in managing and building culture, both in traditional companies as well as at the world’s most culturally innovative company, Google, provides a unique advantage to tackle the challenge of evolving corporate culture to meet today’s environment.

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